Navigated Microwave Ablation of a Colon Metastasis in the Lung

Navigated microwave ablation of a metastasis of the colon that has settled in the lower left lobe of the lung. Planning of the procedure, ablation and verification with CAS-One IR. The CT control scan taken three months after surgery shows no signs of local tumor activity. 

1. Planning scan of the intervention (MPR) showing the tumor (red), safety margin (yellow) and the desired ablation area (green)
2. Planning axial view with the tumor clearly visible
3. Control scan three months after surgery: No sign of tumor activity (axial view)
4. Control scan three months after surgery: No sign of tumor activity (sagittal view)

Name: PD Dr. Anja Lachenmayer & Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Maurer 

Institution: Insel Spital, Bern, Switzerland

Patient age and sex:  72 years, female

Initial condition:

  • Metastatic carcinoma of the sigmoid colon cT4 cN0 cM1, diagnosed 06/2017
  • Histology: moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of the sigmoid (G2), diameter 5.5cm, tumor-free oral aboral and circumferential resection margin
  • Emergency laparoscopically assisted oncological sigmoid resection, descendo rectostomy, hysterectomy, bilateral salpingectomy following tumor rupture in uterus
  • Atypical partial liver resection segment II/III (2x), segment IVa, segment V, segment IVb, segment I following bilateral liver metastases
  • CT thorax/abdomen/pelvis (02/2019): Slight increase in size of the known intrapulmonary round foci in the left upper lobe dorsobasal and lower lobe dorsobasal. Subcapsular hematoma in liver segment VI, constant in size compared to the previous examination. No evidence of newly occurring liver metastases
  • Uniportal, anatomical segment VI resection and radical mediastinal lymphadenectomy left with pulmonary metastasis in the apical lower lobe on the left

  • Navigated microwave ablation of a colon metastasis in the lower left lobe of the lung


  • The control CT three months after treatment shows no tumor activity

Learn more about the stereotactic navigation system CAS-One IR.


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