The otological planning software OTOPLAN helps to generate patient-specific 3D reconstructions of the inner ear from CT images. It facilitates accurate planning of cochlear interventions and is fully integrated into the HEARO system for robotic cochlear interventions.

Fast and Intuitive Planning

ear anatomy copy-1

OTOPLAN is available as tablet or desktop solution. It helps otologists and neurotologists to visualize each patient's unique anatomy, plan individualized cochlear implantations aiming for better outcomes for the patient.

It features a plug and play data management, intuitive touch controls, fast and easy 3D visualization and measurement of crucial structures like the cochlear, electrode visualization and bespoke matching as well as comprehensive patient reporting and post-op analysis.

3D Reconstructions of CT-Images

OTOPLAN features a powerful 3D modelling algorithm to visualize each patient's anatomy in full detail. This allows the surgeon to measure delicate structures like the cochlea before the intervention and plan the best possible outcome for the patient by making full use of the patient's individual anatomical preconditions.



Accurate Visualisation

OTOPLAN helps aligning the insertion angle to the natural anatomy of the cochlea which can facilitate a smooth insertion of the electrode array into the scala tympani. At the same time the trajectory is planned with OTOPLAN in a way, that helps preserve critical structures like the facial nerve and the Chorda tympani.

insertion angle

Optimal insertion angle to the round window of the cochlea (orange) passing the facial nerve (yellow) and chorda tympani (dark yellow)

Electrode Visualization Tool

With OTOPLAN’s electrode visualization tool, surgeons can compare electrode arrays from MED-EL’s comprehensive cochlear electrode array portfolio and see how each electrode array would match the unique cochlea of the patient. OTOPLAN uses individualized data to compare insertion depth and tonotopic pitch match with each MED-EL electrode array. 


Smooth usability and easy to use data import

OTPLAN can be used as both a tablet based and desktop application depending on the user’s preferences and habits. The tablet version is fully responsive with touch controls. The desktop application is controlled with a mouse. Both versions are equally intuitive and make working with OTOPLAN a smooth and efficient experience for the surgeon. OTOPLAN supports an automatic plug & play data import of DICOM files and allows to securely access imaging data from various sources like USB, external hard drive or PACS.

Analysis & Reporting

OTOPLAN makes it easy to discuss ideal electrode choice and individual surgical considerations with patients. One-step data export automatically generates a full case report in PDF or PowerPoint format for comprehensive consulting before and after the intervention.

Advanced Surgical Planning for Robotic Cochlear Interventions with HEARO

OTOPLAN is fully integrated in the HEARO platform for robotic cochlear interventions. It allows otologists and neurotologists to do their plannings before the intervention and then transfer them from OTOPLAN onto the HEARO system to use them for surgery. 

Success Story

How robotic cochlear implantation leads the way into a new area of otology.


HEARO is the world’s first robotic surgical system for high precision, minimally invasive cochlear implantation.

By creating a tiny channel from the surface of the skull to the round window of the cochlea for insertion of the implant, it reduces trauma for the patient and enables to achieve consistent surgical results.