Two weeks extra holiday for young parents

Software developer Laurent Winkler with his daughter Elise

Software developer Laurent Winkler with his daughter Elise

By law, women in Switzerland are entitled to 14 weeks of paid maternity leave from their employer, at 80 percent of their previous salary. CAScination AG has now increased this entitlement for young mothers and fathers by two full weeks.

Founded in 2009 as a spin-off from the University of Berne, the medical technology company has since grown rapidly and now employs 45 people from a total of 15 nations. The company's tenth anniversary celebrated last year and the fact that more and more members of the young team are now becoming parents gave reason to respond to the changing needs of employees with progressive solutions.

This enables employees to reconcile a demanding and highly specialised job with starting a family. "It is important to us that new mothers and fathers can enjoy the first weeks together as a family," says Stefan Aebischer, Head of Finance and Administration at CAScination and himself a recent father. His own working days are rather long despite parental leave - not unusual for an SME in strong growth.

One person who has already benefited from the new parental leave and part-time work is Laurent Winkler from Fribourg. The 38-year-old software developer and his girlfriend Aurélie became parents of little Elise in August 2019. For him, the generous arrangements were an advantage: "We really appreciate this offer of extended parental leave. It enabled us to experience the first months of our daughter's life together as a family," says Laurent Winkler.

CAScination also offers its employees something beyond the extended parental leave: flexible employment levels, organisation of joint team events, subsidised further training and the opportunity to work partly from the home office: "For us, the development of the team and the needs of the employees in different phases of life are very important," says Stefan Aebischer.

CAScination AG is an award-winning medical technology company dedicated to development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovations in computer-assisted and image-guided surgery. Our trailblazing navigation systems and surgical robots are designed to improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgical or interventional procedures and offer new perspectives to patients worldwide. Our CAS-One planning and navigation system is used to treat patients suffering from soft tissue cancer (e.g., liver cancer) by many hospitals across Europe, and we are developing further applications in a number of disease areas.

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