Top Cases 2020

Top Cases Booklet

The winners of this year's Case of the Year voting are Prof. Dr. Tze Wah + Dr. James Lenton and the team from Leeds' St. James's University Hospital (United Kingdom) with an Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) of a Hepatocellular Carcinoma in the posterior aspect of segment III. Co-winners are Dr. Lucien Widmer + Dr. Carlo Tappero and the team from the cantonal hospital in Fribourg (Switzerland) with their case showing a biopsy in a difficult localization in the liver hilum. After last year's win Fribourg secures itself another top position. Congratulations to both winners and thanks to all teams submitting cases.

The last 24 months CASCINATION cases blog has built its reputation and become the place for clinicians using CAS-One IR to show their most advanced Quality Ablation treatments. This can clearly be seen by browsing the submissions we received from Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland in 2020. They cover the everything from biopsies in difficult to reach locations, microwave ablations (MWA) in close proximity to risk structures, precise multineedle Irrevesible Electroporation (IRE) treatments and cryoablation to tissue-sparing approaches, ablation of "invisible lesions" and complex combinations of MWA and IRE in one session.

From all submissions we have received in 2020 we compiled a "Top Cases 2020" booklet. It's available in the download section as an interactive pdf with links from the table of contents to the respective cases and as a standard pdf, in case you want to print it out and flip through the pages.


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