Stereotactic ablation of undetectable breast cancer metastasis

CT-MR fused, stereotactic, CT-guided microwave ablation of an initially invisible breast cancer metastasis in liver segment VI. Due to various patient comorbities, the microinvasive ablation procedure with CAS-One was chosen.

1. Pre-operative MRI showing lesion
2. 50/50 fusion of MRI and CT view
3. CT scan not showing the lesion
4. Needle control
5. Ablation control CT scan
6. Postoperative ablation control

Name: PD Dr. med. Anja Lachenmayer & Dr. med. Carlo Tappero 

Institution: Inselspital Bern 

Patient age and sex:  79 years, female

Initial condition:

  • 2012: Mammary carcinoma
  • 2018: Recurrent Mammary carcinoma
  • 2018: Sigma carcinoma
  • 2018: Metastatic disease from colon carcinoma
  • Colorectal and breast cancer with suspicious lesion on the MRI venous phase
  • Age and various comorbitities prevented the patient from undergoing open surgery
  • No chemotherapy possible either
  • In 2018 a PET-CT scan was performed, which was positive for the liver lesion
  • The lesion was initially invisible on the CT scan, therefore treatment with CAS-One IR to be able to fuse imaging modalities (CT/MRI)
Video CT - MRI Fusion
HubSpot Video

  • Minimal invasive percutaneous stereotactic CT-guided biopsy and microwave ablation of a single liver metastasis in segment VI
  • By fusing CT and MRI imaging modalities with CAS-One the lesion could be successfully biopsied and ablated


  • Patient recovered quickly after intervention
  • First follow-up scan confirmed complete ablation of tumor



Learn more about the stereotactic navigation system CAS-One IR.


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