CAS-One IR is an end-to-end, stereotactic navigation system designed to assist in the planning, navigation and ablation of tumors in the liver, lung, kidney, pancreas, and bones during percutaneous interventions.

CAS-One IR provides guidance at every step of the procedure from initial intervention planning to post-procedure verification of total tumor destruction. Our CAS-One IR system fits seamlessly into your existing set-up, does not require an additional technician in the IR suite, and provides a direct interface to the hospital imaging system.



CT or CBCT imaging of  target region + automatic patient registration


Plan ablation needle trajectories and ablation zones in 2D and 3D


Advance ablation needles to planned placement areas with aiming device


Image fusion to verify placement vs planning


Perform ablation with your preferred ablation system


Photo-Finish™ to document successful ablation

Unparalleled compatibility

Compatible with:

  • CT and CBCT
  • RFA, MWA, Cryotherapy, IRE
  • Aiming devices or interactive navigation
  • A large range of ablation systems

Advanced visualisation technology

CAS-One IR provides an ablation cockpit displaying all the views you need during the course of the procedure, ensuring that you can fully focus on the patient while always having an unobstructed view of the image data.  Viewing modalities include:

  • Multiplanar
  • 3D
  • Ablation needle-eye view
  • Ablation needle trajectory view 

Precision targeting

CAS-One IR’s advanced tumor targeting technology enables you to hit your target, even in difficult locations, at the first attempt:

  • One-shot ablation needle placement
  • Off-plane ablation needle trajectories
  • Up to 20 ablation needle trajectories allowing treatment of larger lesions with overlapping ablation zones
  • Bullseye tumor targeting
  • Real-time patient and respiratory motion tracking

PhotoFinishâ„¢ Verification

Successful tumor ablation relies on accurate ablation needle placement and total tumor destruction with a safety margin.  CAScination's CAS-One IR PhotoFinish™ provides evidence that the targeted lesion has been ablated in its entity.

  • Fusion of pre-treatment planning images and post-treatment control images
  • Mapping of tumor contour to post-ablation images
  • Export of snapshot and video of fused images for patient files and case reports


Stereotactic Navigation for Percutaneous IRE