How Quality Ablation has helped interventional radiologists to achieve better results in their treatment outcomes for tumour patients

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Dr. Lukas Beyer-1The team at the University Hospital in Regensburg has been an early advocate of Quality Ablation. In an interview conducted in summer 2019 Senior Consultant Dr. Lukas Beyer on how the Quality Ablation has helped him to achieve better results in his treatment and why it is crucial to follow a standardized workflow in percutaneous tumour ablation.

Dr. Lukas Beyer OP

"The increased safety during the intervention is an important benefit for the patients"

CarloMarioStefano_TapperoA team from the radiology department of the hôpital fribourgoise in Fribourg, Switzerland has successfully performed a complex procedure and received the “Quality Ablation – Case of the Year Award” for this achievement. Quality Ablation with CAS-One IR allows the complete removal of lesions in areas that are difficult to access without damaging the adjacent healthy tissue. This accurate, efficient and non-invasive method therefore promotes optimal patient recovery. Senior Physician Dr. Carlo Mario Stefano Tappero explains the benefits of Quality Ablation.


"The cost of an ablation is a fourth of the cost of a resection. So with five patients converted from surgery to ablation, the system has paid for itself"

Beermann_FreedmanCAS-One IR users from the very start - The team of Prof. Dr. Freedman and Dr. Marie Beermann in Stockholm treated its 1000 patient with Quality Ablation in March 2021. In this interview he elaborates on the clinical and economic benefits of CT-guided percutaneous ablations with CAS-One IR and shares some valuable learnings and insights of the interventional team at Danderyds Sjukhus in Stockholm, Sweden.



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