Individuals with a rich personal and professional background bring CASCINATION's unique
company culture to life

"Monday motivation is a living reality for us" - Dr. Benjamin Eigl, Clinical Research Specialist

Combining the two worlds of engineering and medicine is what drives Benjamin Eigl. At CASCINATION he started out as an industrial PhD student and in his current position as Clinical Research Specialist takes responsibility for translating clinical needs from our customers into high performing treatment solutions.


"Being able to contribute to a positive change in patients' lives inspires me" - Gordana Veljanoska, Junior Clinical Specialist

"My inspiration always came from something strong and substantial – being able to contribute to a positive change in patients' lives", says Gordana Veljanoska. As Junior Clinical Specialist being with CASCINATION gives her the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to initiate and implement the complete translational process of a medical product.

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