CAScination wins the Swiss Medtech Award 2019

CAScination Swiss Medtech Award Winner Team

Three cheers for CAScination: On 6 June, the Bern-based medical technology company was the winner of the Swiss Medtech Award 2019. With this award, the jury honors the development of a new robot for minimally invasive Cochlear implantation designed to deliver more consistent surgical outcomes by overcoming the human limitations of manual surgery.

The nomination for the prestigious Swiss Medtech Award was already a very special recognition of our work. The fact that we were chosen winner from such exceptionally strong competition is a great endorsement of our vision and immensely gratifying for the team," says CAScination CEO Dr. Matthias Peterhans. The award ceremony took place as part of Swiss Medtech Day on 6 June in the Kursaal in Berne.

Once a year, the industry event of the Swiss medical technology industry honors companies that stand out for their high degree of innovation, their contribution to sustainable growth in Switzerland and proven patient benefits. "We have successfully demonstrated the minimally invasive access to the inner ear with our surgical robot in initial clinical procedures. Patients can gain from this approach considerably" says Marco Matulic, Chief Technology Officer at CAScination.

The minimally-invasive approach to robotic cochlear implantation is a two stage process. OTOPLAN® is an end-to-end, high-agility surgical planning and standardization tool for ear surgery. It visualizes the patient-specific anatomy in 3D to enable pre-planning of manual and robotically-assisted surgical procedures “before the first cut”. Post-operatively OTOPLAN® has powerful functions to verify and report surgical outcomes.

HEARO® is a surgical robot system configured for microscale precision to execute any OTOPLAN® surgical plan “at the scale of a human hair”. Based on the surgeon’s planning the HEARO® system can create a pinhole access from the surface of the skull directly to the inner ear (the cochlea). The power of the HEARO® procedure is a minimally-invasive, robotic Cochlear Implantation approach designed to deliver more consistent surgical outcomes by overcoming the human limitations of manual surgery.

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