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CAScination’s new blog is now online. Submitted by users the idea of CAScination cases is to share firsthand experience of the use of navigation systems in various clinical applications.

All CAScination cases follow the same design to facilitate quick reading especially on mobile devices. After introducing the experts and the institution submitting the case, the patient’s age, sex and initial condition are described. After that the treatment is outlined, followed by the conclusion. Scans and pictures illustrate the different stages of the treatment and give a more vivid impression of the challenges and the advantages of the treatment chosen.

The monthly series presents compelling cases that are performed using CAScination’s stereotactic navigation systems. CAScination cases is launched as a blog format in German and English. That means it is not limited to editorial content, but also allows readers to comment on the cases and start a discussion. Moreover the blog contents can be shared on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter.

The URL of the blog is:

CAScination AG is an award-winning medical technology company dedicated to development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovations in computer-assisted and image-guided surgery. Our trailblazing navigation systems and surgical robots are designed to improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgical or interventional procedures and offer new perspectives to patients worldwide. Our CAS-One planning and navigation system is used to treat patients suffering from soft tissue cancer (e.g., liver cancer) by many hospitals across Europe, and we are developing further applications in a number of disease areas.


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