Recap of JFR's CAS-One IR Showcase and AI Challenge

Earlier this month, Paris hosted the prominent European Radiology Congress known as JFR. During this event, the French Team of Philippe Mathieu and Melissa Golin showed CAS-One®IR to physicians from across France (and from French speaking Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland), and had in-depth discussions on tumor ablation.

In the previous year, we had the honor of receiving the Interventional Radiology Innovation Award, which significantly raised our profile. This year, we introduced our new AI features from a new and unique perspective - the CAS-One Challenge.

"Venez vous comparer à l’IA,"  - Or " Come compare yourself against AI" was a three-part challenge involving three different aspects of a tumor ablation case - planning, navigation, and assessment. This game was designed for healthcare professionals to engage with real-life complex cases.



In summary, the first scenario involves targeting a lesion invisible on CT, but visible on MRI, and subsequently comparing the targeted location with the actual one through image fusion and AI-driven segmentation.

The second part of the challenge involves manipulating our aiming device to reach the target in the shortest possible time. Notably, the fastest contender achieved this feat in just 25 seconds.

Lastly, in a comparison of a pre-ablation CT with a post ablation CT, participants verbally assessed the extent of tumor coverage and margin achieved within the ablation zone, comparing their results to AI-driven AblaSure.

More than 15 players competed in the game, with Dr. Julien Panneau from Marseille emerging as the top-ranking participant. Congratulations to Dr. Julien Panneau, as well as Dr. Remi Grange and Dr. Vanessa Brun, who completed the podium.


Additionally, it's worth noting that some radiographers came close to securing top positions in the challenge. We anticipate witnessing similar challenges at future congresses.