Quality Ablation accelerates in Israel at Carmel Medical Center


Israel is home to 9 million inhabitants and each year around 30,000 are diagnosed with cancer1. There are about many options for tumor treatment that depend on the patient, and the tumor characteristics. 

Carmel Medical Center in Haifa, is part of the Clalit group – is one of them where tumor ablation is widely accepted.

Dr. Natalia Goldberg and Dr. Nadia Brezgalin saw CAS-One IR a few years back and now have a permanent installation in their hospital and are eager to integrate it into their normal practice.



Below is a recent Quality Ablation performed there with CAS-One IR. A microwave ablation of an RCC in the lower lobe of the left kidney. Planning, navigation, and ablation confirmation all performed well - even with typical kidney movement at time of needle insertion. Procedure was quick even with a biopsy beforehand.

MicrosoftTeams-image (5)

1. Planning of trajectory and ablation zone of tumor in lower left kidney pole


HubSpot Video


2. Post ablation video shows complete coverage of ablation zone with some shrinkage of the surrounding tissue



1527606768425-2 "We at AMI Medical Technologies are excited to be the distributor of  CASCINATION in Israel for the past few years – now, with the first permanent installation in the Clalit HMO organization starting to be used regularly, we hope to bring this fantastic technology to more and more hospitals in Israel as there is significant patient, and hospital benefit. We attest that Quality Ablation improves clinical outcomes and hospital effectiveness, and leads to a significantly better quality of life for patients." 

Gary Belnick