ECIO 2024 Palma recap and CAS-One IR AI Challenge


ECIO again solidified itself as our favorite and most productive event of the year. So many impactful events and moments -  it makes us continuously proud to be a part of the evolving field of interventional oncology. We had posters, features in the congress scientific sessions, physician presentations at a CASCINATION hosted dinner, the local hospital hosting visitors for 2 days of CAS-One IR cases, a new booth, the most interactive CAS-One IR challenge to date, interaction with 100+ physicians, and our annual Oncology Team meeting on top!

ecio congress 2024
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Before the congress even started, we brought 25 members from our global oncology team for s strategic meeting and also some fun (group painting!) The entire team (Sales, Marketing, R&D, Regulatory and more) took a the time to align on our core objectives, strategies, and executable actions for the remainder of the year and beyond.

Before the congress started, 7 posters featuring CAS-One IR were accepted and put online to the CIRSE library – that is a new high.


We unveiled our new dark themed booth – with AI driving our device from planning with critical structure segmentation, to post-ablation confirmation, this futuristic dark theme fits Quality Ablation with CAS-One IR far better

bopoth at congress ecio 2024
Booth design

We hosted a dinner with 50 participants and had Dr. Shaheen Noorani (UK) and Dr. Ingo Einspieler (DE) present on why CAS-One IR is not just for challenging cases - but all ablation cases.


For the second year in a row, we were lucky enough to have ECIO be hosted in a city with a CAS-One IR installation. We are thankful to Dr. Saiz and Dr. Vazquez and the team at Son Llatzer hospital who hosted visitors on two days to observe multiple CAS-One IR cases.

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The CAS-One IR challenge was the most successful yet – with 25 participants. Dr. Ádám Farkas (A CAS-One IR user) from Semmelweis University Hospital in Budapest won and had the following to say: 

“I already use CAS-One IR for most of the ablations at our hospital, but it was still a good challenge to try and find an invisible lesion without fusion, and then to see the benefit of the MRI/CT fusion function in CAS-One IR. I’d say between 10-15% of our patients have invisible lesions where this is needed. Previously we were trying to target these lesions without fusion, but with CAS-One IR this is faster and of course more precise, making complete ablation of invisible lesions easier. The second part of the challenge – visually estimating the percentage of a tumor and the safety margin that has been successfully ablated can be really tricky. If you take your time, maybe you can get close, but I think AblaSure is just faster and really accurate. I look forward to the next challenge at CIRSE in Lisbon!”

Look out for an even more interactive CAS-One IR AI Challenge at CIRSE in Lisbon featuring our 4.2 software release.

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Of course, CAS-One IR made it on to a few scientific sessions as well.

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Thanks to our entire team, and the ECIO organizers as well for another successful event. 

Our calendar is full for the rest of the year, but we hope to see you at congresses / events in Israel, Belgium, Portugal, UK, France, Austria over the remainder of the year.