CAS-One IR hits the road in USA

It was Peaches and Sunshine as CAS-One IR hit the road in May starting in Georgia (the Peach state) and finishing in Florida (the Sunshine state).

CEO Stefan Weber, Sales Director East Angie Stitcher, and 2 different Phantoms (CASper and QUANT) visited 6 hospitals and put about 700 miles on the odometer. From simple breakfast meetings, to hands-on demonstrations with the simple phantom CASper, to actually using the CT with QUANT, deeper understanding of the impact of the AI-driven CAS-One IR was gained by all physicians present.

The hottest topics of discussion revolved around:

  • How our AI works in segmenting tumors and critical structures
  • Understanding location of tumor and trajectory, then utilizing the 3D reconstruction to help guide the planning
  • Planning for overlapping ablation zones with multiple needles
  • MRI Fusion and treating invisible lesions with CAS-One IR
  • Simplicity of Needle Verification
  • How quickly and easy it is to navigate
  • Current Standard of Care in post-ablation assessment vs. AblaSure
  • Physicians commented about CAS-One IR being an Oncology System

We are looking forward to CAS-One IR having permanent home in some of these hospitals as the clinicians and centers are committed to the best patient care!

cascinatour in usa
WhatsApp Image 2024-05-23 at 15.35.18
WhatsApp Image 2024-05-23 at 15.36.40

Look for another road show later in June, but this time on the west coast!