CAScination sponsors sports climber Julien Clémence

CAScination Julien Clémence

CAScination Sponsoring Julien Clémence

The junior sport climber Julien Clémence and CAScination will form a joint rope team in the future. Since Januar, the Bernese medical technology company has been the individual sponsor of the multiple junior Swiss champion and member of the Swiss national junior sport climbing team 2020.

"We are very happy to support Julien in his sport. To achieve the almost impossible is what connects Julien with us as a company. When climbing, this is finding hold on a seemingly smooth surface. For us in medical technology, it is to bring new treatment methods to market maturity. For both, willpower, endurance and discipline are the basis of all success. We wish him success from the bottom of our hearts" says CAScination CEO Stefan Weber.

Unfortunately, there is currently no opportunity to experience the 18-year-old young climber during a competition in the immediate vicinity of the CAScination headquarters in Bern. "All my competitions in April and May were cancelled and it is in these months that most of the international competitions would have been held. As it is also my last year in the youth category, it is even more frustrating not to be able to participate", says Julien Clémence.

The meeting in Bern, which was planned for the next few days, has also been postponed indefinitely. "We will invite Julien to a joint meeting at our company in due course", says CAScination CEO Stefan Weber. Afterwards, an indoor climbing event is planned. There the CAScination team can get valuable firsthand tips for improving their own bouldering and climbing techniques.

For the time being, however, it is important to master the current situation as good as possible. "Since all climbing halls are closed, I have no more guided trainings and am on my own. I've decided to take a week off and then make a relaxed training plan. At the moment I am reading a book about mental behaviour during the competition. These tips can also be useful for the situation at the moment", says Julien Clémence.

CAScination Julien Clémence

4 questions to Julien Clémence

Julien, please introduce yourself.

I am Julien Clémence, 18 years old, I have been climbing for 7 years in sport climbing competitions. I currently take part in national and international competitions. My goal is to continue climbing at a high level in order to compete in the Olympics. Therefore I train 10 to 18 hours a week. In the competition season a little less, in winter during the build-up season a little more.

How do the competitions in climbing look like?
There are three disciplines in total: lead, speed and bouldering. Lead climbing is the king discipline. You climb 15-20 meters high, secured on a rope. The goal is to get as high as possible in 5-6 minutes and to hold as many holds as possible. Then there is bouldering, which is more aimed at maximum strength. Here you climb at most four meters high, without rope safety, but with mats on the ground. Speed is the third discipline. Here you have to climb a 15-meter high wall, secured by a rope from above, as fast as possible.

What is your favourite discipline?
Lead is my favourite discipline, because it makes a lot of demands on the climber in competition but also in training: Strength, technique, flexibility and last but not least creativity play together here. Lead climbing suits me very well because I have an athletic rather than a strong body. Together with the other skills such as stamina and also the visualization of the routes, I was interested in climbing from a very early age. For training I like bouldering very much, because you can arrange your training sessions very individually and you don't need a partner.

What are your goals in 2020?
Because of Corona, the whole competition season is now under scrutiny and I don't know exactly how it will continue. At the beginning of the year the top priority was the World Youth Championship. There I want to be top fit and show my best performances in all three disciplines. In addition, I want to enjoy the European Junior International Cups again, which I'm competing in for the last time this year because of my age, and get as many good results as possible. And finally, the Swiss Championships are on the agenda, where I expect good chances in bouldering and lead. But we'll have to wait and see how this season finally goes.

CAScination AG is an award-winning medical technology company dedicated to development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovations in computer-assisted and image-guided surgery. Our trailblazing navigation systems and surgical robots are designed to improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgical or interventional procedures and offer new perspectives to patients worldwide. Our CAS-One planning and navigation system is used to treat patients suffering from soft tissue cancer (e.g., liver cancer) by many hospitals across Europe, and we are developing further applications in a number of disease areas.

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