The CAS-One IR Challenge Strikes again in Wales

The team from CASCINATION were delighted to join members of the BSIR at their 2023 Annual General Meeting in Newport, Wales. We wanted to share a bit of the highlights.


To start the event, Dr Nadeem Shaida, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, presented his outstanding experience with CAS-One IR during the Oncology Masterclass on Friday. It is amazing to see how the use of our technology has improved his outcomes, enabling him to treat even more difficult-to-reach lesions and reducing his time in the CT-suite dramatically. He has treated nearly 100 patients with CAS-One IR and is increasing usage outside the liver. His presentation can be viewed online through the BSIR members forum.

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In addition, Dr Shaida demonstrated his IR skills during the CAS-One IR Challenge during which participants completed three challenges, each of them with a different points-awarded scheme.

First, participants needed to manually find an invisible lesion on a CT scan (of course this can be done easily on CAS-One IR but is a bit difficult without!). Second was to manually align the semi-robotic arm to a precise trajectory as fast as possible, and the final challenge was to estimate the percentage of ablated tumor based solely on "eyeballing" a pre-ablation CT and a post-ablation CT. This estimated was then compared to confirmed results demonstrated by the CAS-One IR software AblaSure- which is driven by an AI engine trained on thousands of data sets.  

A huge congratulations to Nadeem for winning first prize and also congratulations to the IR Trainee winner, Dr Yiwang Xu, Royal Free Hospital, who also came in at an impressive 2nd place overall.  We would like to thank all of those who took part and we look forward to the global CAS Challenge playoffs at ECIO in April.

Finally, it just leaves us to say, what a great, educational meeting.  Thanks very much to Samantha Jeans who successfully leads our UK efforts, and our Application Specialist Margrethe as well for her technical expertise and relentless enthusiasm. We hope everyone found it as productive and enjoyable as we did and we look forward to seeing everyone again in Brighton in 2024