Ablation recap of CIRSE Copenhagen 2023

CIRSE was at the same time invigorating with the volume of interesting scientific topics and relevant, engaging discussions, but also a bit draining as the sheer volume of these engagements was overwhelming over the 5 days!



There was always a hot scientific topic being presented, and always people in the CASCINATION booth from around the world, trying to (and successfully) making the connection of how CAS-One IR would benefit their workflow, their hospital, and most importantly, their patients.

We have taken the time to share with you a few of what we believed to be the best sessions, which are viewable online:

 FS 274: Interventional radiology - tomorrow is already upon us

The four lectures in this session make us think about every possibility the new CAS-One IR driven  by AI can bring in Interventional Oncology.

  • Robotics - Miltiadis Krokidis - Areteion Hospital, Athens, Greece
  • AI in IR - Dr. Brad Wood, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, USA
  • Ablation simulation and verification systems - Prof Luigi Solbiati, Milan, Italy
  • Stereotactic navigation - Reto Bale, Innsbruck, Austria

FS 125 - New frontiers for ablation

This session focused on ablation and its prospective indications. The future is for minimally invasive procedures that can be conducted in every organ, especially when the patients have no other options. With the help of more studies, ablation can be put on the table as on option at every MDT. With every new indication comes new challenges showing the importance of fusion, assessment of margins, and difficult locations/trajectories that need critical accuracy. These are challenges that CAS-One IR was designed to overcome.

  • CCC new frontiers for ablations- Okan Akhan, Ankara, Turkey
  • Pancreatic cancer - Govindarajan Narayanan, Miami Cancer Institute, Miami, USA
  • Prostate cancer - Caterina Sattin, University of Milan, Milan, Italy
  • Breast cancer - Eric de Kerviler, APHP Saint-Louis, Paris, France

On Monday evening, we were lucky enough to have a 30-person scientific dinner with Dr. Nadeem Shaida (UK) and Dr. Ruben Lopez Benitez (CH) as presenters. Dr. Shaida presented 5-6 recent interesting cases done with CAS-One IR in his hospital and mentioned it was a milestone event for him as the first time he ever heard of CAS-One IR was in Copenhagen the last time CIRSE was there. Dr. Lopez walked us through his history of using CAS-One IR, and we noted that he is probably the user with the most years of experience using the system (7!). He has used at least 4 generations of both hardware and software of CAS-One IR.

dinner 2

Tuesday we were happy to host an industry symposium - with Dr. Nadeem Shaida (UK) highlighting the new AI features, Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Maurer (DE) highlighting some evidence as well as advising on how to start in a new hospital, and Prof. Stefan Weber (CH) discussing the recent results of the MAVERRIC trial. Prof Dr. Martin Goetz Richter (DE) moderated the session.

1 Introduction
2 Dr. Shaida showcases a difficult trajectory enabled by the AI driven CAS-One IR
3 Prof. Dr. Dr. Maurer highlights some of his evidence
4 Prof. Weber outlines the significant cost savings of Quality Ablation over Liver Resection
5 The Q&A session with all presenters


The full content of this symposium can be seen here on the CIRSE online platform

See you in Lisbon for CIRSE 2024!