CAS-One IR 4.2 Software Features Preview

CAS-One IR 4.2 Software Features Preview


We are excited to launch Version 4.2 of our CAS-One IR Software in nearly all geographies in the coming weeks. This version’s extended functionalities will drive better outcomes for patients, physicians, and hospitals such as:

  • A new AI-driven Ablasure with planning of sub-capsular lesions and margins, and identification of ablation volumes with artifacts (i.e. air bubbles)
  • Lesion-based planning (as opposed to trajectory-based planning)
  • Workflow for immediate re-ablation
  • Instrument database with 220 ablation devices

An even better AI-driven AblaSure: Margin detection without compromise: Building on the experience of thousands of cases treated, our new AI-driven ablation confirmation technology is capable to identify intra-ablation zone artifacts, such as air bubbles.

Improved Ablasure segmentation
Improved Ablasure segmentation 2
Improved Ablasure segmentation 3


Treating larger lesions: From now on, our software model incorporates a semantic distinction between lesion and target point (of a given trajectory). While this sounds rather technical, it will allow our users to more easily plan individual trajectories reaching the same lesion (including its shape and margin), important when treating larger lesions from different angles.

CAS 4.2 1-1


Towards 100% margins all the time with a simple reablation workflow: Minimum Local Tumor Progression is a core outcome after ablation procedures. Hence, it is imperative to achieve 100% of margins whenever possible. In this release, users can copy-paste their leftover negative margin to an immediate and second cycle of ablation. All with the click of one button.

   reablate button 2 reablate button  

More complete instrument database: Planning ablation volumes (time, power, position, orientation) with CAS-One IR is a significant element of the Quality Ablation workflow. We added 20+ new instruments and/or parameters to our already comprehensive instrument database of 200 was added another 25 new instruments and/or parameters.