Driven by AI

Visualize and confidently treat

From planning through AblaSure® quantitative margin assessment.

Organ, tissue, tumor, and ablation zone algorithms driven by AI give you the ability to visualize anatomy and confidently treat more patients and complex tumors.

The capabilities of Quality Ablation with CAS-One IR have never been higher

Automatic organ segmentation 

Visualize, plan, and treat more confidently with AI-driven automatic organ segmentation including critical structures.

The new algorithm automatically starts segmentation as soon as the planning scan is loaded. The segmentation includes liver with the portal and hepatic veins, lung with vessels and airways, kidney, bone, and skin. 

AblaSure 2.0 

An improved, AI-driven AblaSure algorithm.

Ensure your ablation is complete with the help of AI. Now, the AI-driven algorithm gives you greater accuracy in segmented tumor borders, ablation zone coverage, and the histogram reporting feature, even in complex scenarios such as the treatment of subcapsular lesions.

Improved 3D trajectory planning

Interactive planning mode: entry point definition using the physical pointer - allowing more intuitive planning of complex, double-angled, and multiple trajectories. 

Rich 3D visualizations of all segmentations

CAS-ONE IR 4.1 - Driven by AI

Visualize your trajectory to avoid critical structures. Plan your ablation zone to perfectly achieve your desired margin. Confidence in executing complex cases has never been easier.

Preset organ workflows and data insights

Introducing workflows to maximize your time.

Save time by selecting organ, pathology, device, and treatment when the program starts. Retrieve performance and usage metrics that are helpful within your department.

Multi-lingual support

CAS-One IR 4.1 now features 16 languages – with a simple touch of the screen at any point, change all text, including buttons, menus into your preferred language.


CAS-ONE IR 4.1 - Driven by AI

Confidence in executing complex cases has never been easier.


Approved software versions differ per geography. Contact CASCINATION for details on which software is approved in your region.


Quality Ablation Success Stories

How Quality Ablation has helped interventional radiologists to achieve better results in their treatment outcomes for tumour patients.

  • The cost of an ablation is a fourth of the cost of a resection. Five patients converted from surgery to ablation, the system has paid for itself.
    Prof. Dr. Freedman
    Danderyds Sjukhus
  • CAS-One IR has helped us to be more precise in our work. And with ablations, great precision leads to better results
    Dr. Lukas Beyer
    Regensburg Hospital
  • With AblaSure® you’ve got the absolute certainty, that you got your margins right.
    Dr. Nadeem Shaida
    Addenbrookes Hospital

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