in surgery/ablation

In tumor surgery and ablation accuracy and precision are essential prerequisites for optimal treatment results. With CAScination's advanced stereotactic planning and navigation technology, we're setting new standards in reliability, enabling healthcare professionals to deliver accurate, reproducible, and efficient therapy. Patients get access to minimally invasive and effective procedures that help them recover faster and get their life back to their full potential again.

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Your time matters

As a busy healthcare professional every second counts. With CAScination's CAS-One technology procedures are faster and predictable in length.

Precision matters

CAS-One’s advanced tumor targeting provides you with the tools you need to ensure accurate and complete tumor destruction and minimal tissue loss.

Outcome matters

Compared to non-navigated procedures, the increased precision of CAScination's CAS-One technology significantly reduces the risk of local tumor recurrence.



CAS-One IR is an end-to-end, stereotactic navigation system designed to assist in the planning, navigation and ablation of tumors in the liver, lung, kidney, pancreas, and bones during percutaneous interventions.

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CIRSE 2018 in Lisbon

Save the date: CAScination will be exhibiting at CIRSE 2018 in Lisbon.

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CAScination presents CAS-One IR at WRC 2018

Chinese partner Zhongrui Funing Robotics (Shenyang) Co.,Ltd. and CAScination are presenting their medical technology solutions at booth B202 at the World Robot Conference 2018 in Beijing. 

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