The future of otological surgery starts now

OTOPLAN is a revolutionary otological planning software developed by CAScination in cooperation with MED-EL. The software helps surgeons to quickly generate customized 3D models from patients’ CT images and accurately plan the intervention. 

OTOPLAN is an easy to use tablet based software, that provides functionalities and detailed information that exceed the usual DICOM viewer output. It features a plug and play data management, intuitive touch controls, fast and easy 3D visualization and measurement of crucial structures like the cochlear, electrode visualization and bespoke matching as well as comprehensive patient reporting and post-op analysis.

OTOPLAN has the potential to revolutionize otological surgery. Every individual’s anatomy is unique— including the size and the shape of their cochleae. OTOPLAN features advanced planning tools that empower surgeons to make an informed decision for each individual cochlea. With OTOPLAN’s electrode visualization tool, surgeons can compare electrode arrays from MED-EL’s comprehensive cochlear electrode portfolio and see how well each electrode array could match the unique cochlea.


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  • an intuitive, easy to use software and tablet
  • accurate in providing in depth information for your surgery
  • outstanding in 3D visualization
  • detailed in electrode visualization

Start using OTOPLAN

  • because it enables you to make better surgical decisions due to more information
  • because it helps to reduce the risk of damaging delicate structures in difficult cases
  • because it provides additional information for choosing the ideal cochlear implant electrode
  • because it can help with a better hearing preservation

Otoplan - Revolutionary otological planning software
Key features