CAS-One Surgery

CAS-One Surgery supports surgeons in performing precise oncological treatments in abdominal surgery. It seamlessly combines the high precision of the latest stereotactic image guidance software with the convenience of intra-operative ultrasound imaging.​ 

Clinical benefits

  • 3D planning of the surgical anatomy, vascular territories, and resection strategies directly at the operating table
  • Image fusion to see into organs and to visualize structures that are hard to localize with visual, tactile, and ultrasonic inspection
  • Accurate, intra-operative and real-time guidance of surgical instruments for precise placement during surgery
  • Intra-operative real-time guidance of ablation and resection instruments on CT, ultrasound and surgical planning data
  • Systematic and efficient display, targeting and guidance for local treatment of multiple tumors

Navigation provides therapy options for patients with extensive cancer disease within a multimodal treatment approach. Previously untreatable scenarios such as multiple small, bilobar lesions and so-called vanishing lesions now come within reach.



CT or MRI Image acquisition for surgery planning and visualization


Real-time intra-operative ultrasound


Fusion of intra-operative ultrasound imaging with pre-operative image


Display of instrument positions relative to patient-specific anatomy


Guidance of surgical devices to target structures

Unparalleled compatibility

CAS-ONE is the only image guidance system that provides seamlessly integrated state of surgery planning, conveniently displayed on two touch screen monitors.

  • Enhance your orientation in the situs by fusing preoperative image data with real-time intraoperative ultrasound imaging
  • Augment native sonography with features otherwise not visible e.g. vascular structures, functional volumes and “vanishing” lesions
  • Display matching CT image data to align with ultrasound to see vanishing lesions

Advanced intra-operative

The computer assisted navigation of CAS-One Surgery improves the overall orientation especially in complex vascular surgeries.

  • Intuitive sonographic and/or landmark based registration
  • 3D navigated imaging for precise instrument control
  • Exact resection line definition while avoiding critical vessels and structures

Navigated ablation

Small and multiple tumors are difficult to treat and surgically challenging. With technology becoming more advanced and accurate, new treatment strategies are available to surgeons.

  • Treatment of small, multiple, and vanishing lesions
  • Systematic support to target all lesions in settings with multiple tumors
  • Ablation targeting and resection guidance to safe healthy parenchyma

Ubersound® Augmented Reality

Our augmented reality imaging concept goes beyond conventional ultrasound imaging. Overlay of pre-operative medical imagery onto the state-of-the art intra-operative ultrasound images.

  • Co-registers CT, MRI with segmentation and simulation information and planning data to the situs
  • Displays invisible lesions, vascular structures, segmental borders, hot spots, liver function, functional volumetry

Navigated Surgical Ablation