CAS-One Liver

The stereotactic navigation system CAS-One Liver is desigend to assist in planning, navigation and positioning of instruments during open surgery and laparoscopic procedures to resect or ablate tumors in the liver. 

Its intelligent end-to-end design seamlessly integrates the latest ultrasound technology into its image guidance system. CAS-One Liver provides guidance at each step of the procedure from visualization of 3D surgical planning data to the real-time navigation of surgical instruments to the desired lesion.

Please note that CAS-One for Laparoscopy is not available for sale in the US. 



CT or MRI Image acquisition for surgery planning and visualization. Support of multi-phase and multi-modality imaging


Creation of patient-specific 3D models to plan a tailored operative strategy. Transfer of surgical strategy to the navigation device


Fusion of intra-operative ultrasound imaging with pre-operative image with virtual resection planning


Display of instrument positions relative to patient-specific anatomy. Assess relationship between instrument position and patient’s vascular structures and tumors


Guidance of surgical devices to target structures. Prediction of instrument path relative to vascular anatomy while predicting instrument. Real-time feedback via 3D model and ultrasound during resection or ablation procedure


Compatible with:

  • MeVis Planning system
  • Navigation adaptor to connect to OR surgical instruments
  • A large range of ablation systems

Advanced visualisation

Cas-One Liver’s advanced software encompasses the very latest technology to provide exceptional intra-operative visualisation tools:

  • Fusion of preoperative image data with real-time ultrasound imaging
  • Augmentation of ultrasound images with 3D data

Navigated ablation

Fast and precise tumor ablation, while avoiding critical vessels.

  • Fusion-based localization and visualization of tumor targets
  • Supports microwave and radiofrequency ablation
  • Free selection of ablation needle trajectories
  • Prediction of optimal energy delivery

Ubersound® Augmented Reality

Our augmented reality imaging concept goes beyond conventional ultrasound imaging. Overlay of pre-operative medical imagery onto the state-of-the art intra-operative ultrasound images.

  • Co-registers CT, MRI with segmentation and simulation information and planning data to the situs
  • Displays invisible lesions, vascular structures, segmental borders, hot spots, liver function, functional volumetry

Navigated Surgical Ablation

M. Peterhans
M. Peterhans

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