• Ubersound®

    CAScination introduces a new imaging concept called Ubersound®:Through precise intraoperative alignment of the patient and with its available preoperative imaging and by means of ultrasound co-registration, the CAS-ONE Liver system can compute an overlay of any medical imagery onto the current available ultrasound image. This enhances ultrasound beyond its existing modes and can co-register any modality to situs such as CT, MRI or PET together with segmentation- and simulation information as well as planning data. Ultrasound can now show you

      • invisible lesions
      • segmental information (vessel structures, functional information)
      • hot spots (PET, HEF etc)
      • virtually any information from other modalities
    Ubersound examples
    Native Ultrasound image with typical vascular structures visible Overlay with information on visible vascular structures (blue) and tumors (yellow) Overlay with segmental information from preoperative imaging (i.e. MeVis). PET-US: Overlay with HotSpot data derived from PET-CT.