• System components

    CAS-ONE Vario
    is the hardware backbone of CAScination’s technology. The navigation stand integrates two HD 24″ resistive touch screens (operable through sterile drape), powerful computational hardware together with a state of the art ultrasound beam former. For ultimate reach, the optical tracking camera is attached to a nearly two meter long arm. Both the camera and the monitors can be adjusted in arbitrary positions. Typically, CAS-ONE Vario is placed near the upper end of the surgical table, and one monitor (sterile) is placed above the patients chest. The surgeon operates the system through this screen. The second screen typically remains undraped and can be operated by the non-sterile personnel. 

    Surgical Instrumentation
    CAS-One provides reusable and extremely precise tracking references together with special adapter systems (both made from medical grade titanium and stainless steel) to connect to all surgical instruments such as ultrasound aspirator devices, high frequency knifes, and ablation instruments. Every available instrument will turn into a navigation pointer. If you like to know if your individual resection system can be used with CAS-One, please contact us.

    3D Ultrasound-Imaging
    CAS-One is the first system with a fully integrated and state-of-the art navigated ultrasound imaging device. Through the direct integration of the ultrasound into the navigation system, CAS-One can display, record, and store 3D ultrasound data sets.