• Functionalities

    CAS-One provides a data interface to the leading MeVis Planning Solution. The surgical planning information can be seamlessly transferred (via CD, USB or network) to CAS-One. The planning data contains different models of vascular structures, tumors, liver segments, resection plans, and risk analyses. The 3D planning models are displayed in the same way as in the MeVis Reports.

    The surgical instruments available in your OR can be used with CAS-One by simply attaching a navigation adapter onto the hand pieces. The positions of the instruments are displayed together with the planning data on an interactive real-time 3D display. This guides the surgeon to the desired resection areas.

    Ablation (RFA, MTA)
    In addition to classical resection guidance, CAS-One offers guidance functionality for the accurate placement of ablation instruments. The targeting viewer guides your needle directly to the tumor center and gives control over the anatomical structures lying in the needle path. Precise, efficient, and safe needle placement with all available ablation technologies. (more information on the Microsulis Acculis Microwave Ablation System)

    Prediction of effective ablation volumes
    After navigated placement of the ablation tip in the tumor, ablation parameters (energy, time) are adjusted in the navigation software and a real-time prediction of the ablated volumes allows for improved planning of ablation treatments (available for the Microsulis Acculis Microwave Ablation System and others on request).