• CAS-ONE Liver

    is a stereotactic accessory for instrument guidance in open liver surgery. It visualizes in real-time the position and pose of surgical instruments relative to a three-dimensional model of the patients liver.

    CAS-ONE gives insight: Navigate interactively through a patient-specific 3D display of tumors, vessels, and liver segments. Virtually see into the liver during surgery (read more…)

    CAS-ONE easily integrates into any OR. Surgical navigation with minimal changes in OR infrastructure and workflow (read more…)

    CAS-ONE guides your tools through real-time visualization of surgical tools in an anatomical context and shows you where to cut/ablate. Perform safe and accurate liver surgery (read more…)

    CAS-ONE is compatible with a great variety of surgical tools. Add navigation functionality to your existing instruments (CUSA, RFA, MWA). Use CAS-ONE with your preferred instruments (read more…)

    CAS-ONE is optimized specifically for complex cases in liver surgery. Minimized interaction and optimal usability to focus on surgery (read more…)