• System components

    CAS-One IR BernCAS-ONE Vario
    The interventional solution is available on the same platform as the Liver system. It can be easily transferred between departments. Two large high definition monitors allow for optimal visualization and the flexibility of the system for maximum comfort in the interventional suite.

    Single Marker Tracking® 
    The Single Marker Tracking® allows for realtime detection and visualization of the actual patient deformation. This is enabled estimating the patient surface through an approximation of the single markers positions.

    Compatible Needle Systems
    CAS-ONE IR is compatible with a large range of available needle and/or applicator systems. Its tracking adapter can be attached to a large variety of clinically available needle systems and the needle tip and orientation is then calibrated using the integrated Multi-calibration device.

    Aiming Devices
    To improve accuracy during the needle placement, aiming devices are used to lock the needle   axis relative to the patient once it is aligned according to plan. Then, the needle can be advanced as necessary. CAS-ONE IR supports various aiming devices, either manual or even robotic.